Terms and Conditions

Responsibility for use 

It is the responsibility of the user of Es’sensual Gems to establish that she is healthy enough to use them. If there is any doubt she should seek an opinion from her doctor before using them. The gems should not be used during pregnancy or menstruation.

Users are specifically advised to seek the advice of their doctor if they have any pre-existing pain or discharge, or if they experience any pain on using the gems.

Users should read and follow all the instructions on this site for the use and care of the gems. Yaela Abbey LLC does not accept any responsibility if the gems are not used or maintained in accordance with these instructions.

Returns policy

If the Es’sensual Gems are damaged in transit, or have a manifest flaw on receipt, please contact us on info@Yaela.com and we will arrange for a replacement. However, because of the personal nature of the product, we are unable to accept returns for any other reason.


We will use all reasonable efforts to protect your private information on our site. Information about your purchases will only be retained long enough to complete the transaction. 

Provided that you have opted in we will retain your e-mail address to communicate with you on YAELA Es’sensual Gems and connected products and their use. 

We will not sell to any third party or use in any other way any of your personal information. 

However you should be aware that some sites that you use to access Yaela.com, such as Google and Facebook, may seek to track your activity on this site. 

Participation in the PussyPower Tribe

You are welcome to fully participate in the PussyPower Tribe community space, using it to raise questions and share your experiences for the benefit of the community. 

We seek to have the a space where people can participate in a friendly and positive manner. 

YAELA reserves the right to edit or delete any material that is likely to be offensive or upsetting to a significant number of other users, or is potentially libelous, or may be an infringement of the copyright or other intellectual property of a third party. 

Shipping and Handling

Purchasers outside the USA need to be aware that we have no control over and Customs Duties, Value Added or Sales taxes that may be levied on import to your country. Estimates for the amount of these charges can be found here (or with a duty calculator if your country is not listed) but they may vary with changes in rates of tax or duty, and exchange rates at the time of delivery.