Practice and Care

Our high quality gems arrive pre-threaded and ready to use. Each set contains three different sizes of gems that will suit women of all sizes and shapes.

Women who have given birth can start with the larger gem. Other women can try the small or medium gems. However, in time, all sizes should be used.

Hygiene is essential before using your Es’sensual Gem. DO NOT USE THEM IF YOU HAVE ANY SIGN OF INFECTION until it has cleared. Jade Gems should NOT be used during pregnancy or menstruation.


Caring for your Es'sensual Gemstones

Before you use your Gems, sterilize them in boiling water for 10 minutes. Repeat this every two weeks.

Wash and dry your Es’ sensual Gemstones before each kegel practice. The Gems will then warm up to your natural body temperature.


Before you begin...

Should you suffer from dryness you can lubricate your gems. I recommend using a natural lubricant like coconut oil, which is both anti-viral and anti-bacterial.

Should a gem accidentally become stuck or you can’t reach the string, lie down and push gently as if having a bowel movement. Or you can just laugh and that will easily push out the gem!

It is important to relax, and to be aware that you need to work your vaginal muscles and not the abdominal or anal muscles.

For beginners, I recommend lying down in bed or sitting in a chair. By sitting down, we can use the gems in a few different ways. When sitting forward you increase muscular resistance making it easier to grip the gem. Leaning back lessens this resistance, producing further muscular development.



First hold the string and insert the large end of the gem into your vagina. Make sure not to push the gem all the way into yourself – just enough so that your vagina muscles will then hug the gem the rest of the way in, while still keeping it close to the entrance.

Breathing deeply, inhale and contract your vaginal muscles to squeeze the gem. Then hold for a count of 4 before gently releasing. Make sure you release the breath gently - a forceful breath could cause your gem to pop out. At first practice contracting and gently releasing your gem for 2-5 minutes a day.

I recommend holding the string lightly to help you keep your gems location in mind. When contracting upwards, you will begin to feel how high up the gem is moving. You can start to gauge your progress as your sensitivity to the gem’s sensations deepens.

When comfortable using your gem sitting down, you can begin to practice standing up, increasing the benefits. Stand with your feet hip distance, bending the knees slightly and keeping them relaxed. Take a deep inhale and start contracting the vaginal muscles and then gently releasing them. Practice for a few minutes every day.

After practicing for some months, your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles will become toned and you will be able to use your gem during your daily activities. You will be able to keep it in your body as long as you like! Having the gem inside you for long period of time is your powerful tool to achieve the after sex glow.

See the videos available under the PussyPower Tribe menu for more guidance and more advanced exercise and use check out the Community board to ask questions or give feedback on your use of the Es’sensual Gems.